Legion of Christ College of Humanities


As part of the History of Modern Art class, Br. Jesús composed a collage and includes an explanation.
At the core of the composition stands Pope John Paul II, a symbol of spiritual leadership and a unifying force. His presence serves as a focal point, radiating a sense of guidance and shared purpose. Surrounding him are numerous praying hands sourced from Albrecht Dürer’s iconic engraving. The deliberate overlap of hands intends to create a visually striking tapestry, emphasizing the interconnectedness of people in the mystical body of Christ and the necessity of constant prayer in Christian life.
The interplay of light and shadow replaces the reference to color and textures, which, devoid of color distractions, enhances the contemplative atmosphere. This allows the viewer to focus on the emotional charge of the hands, representing the praying person.This emphasis serves as a poignant reminder of the pilgrim church, whose spiritual journey is both personal and communal, transcending individual differences and limitations in a shared search for the face of God.
“My intention is to weave a narrative of constant prayer, symbolizing the ever-present dialogue between us and God, and to evoke a call to prayer. As the spectator navigates through the intricate layers of the collage, there’s a subtle provocation to pause, reflect, and seek what is above.”