Legion of Christ College of Humanities


Legion of Christ College of Humanities is a religious affiliated institution for higher education that offers a liberal arts degree. Its mission is to provide an integrated religious, intellectual, human, and apostolic formation to religious of the Legionaries of Christ as they prepare for their mission to guide Christian leaders in living the fullness of their faith and evangelizing culture.
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Who We Are

The Legionaries of Christ are a pontifical Congregation of priests and religious preparing for the priesthood in the Catholic Church. It is dedicated to form apostles, that is, clergy and lay people sent to transmit the faith to others in order to build up the Kingdom of Christ in society. This means to evangelize culture and build a civilization of justice and love, a task that is carried out through prayer, sacramental life, and the apostolate.

What We Offer



Museum Report

Portrait of Sir Thomas More and Portrait of Thomas Cromwell, by Hans Holbein the Younger at the Frick Collection, New York Visiting the Frick Collection

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Sports, Life, and Catholicism

While approaching this topic, we must consider the distinction between sports, athletics, and physical activities. In terms of sports historicity, sports are competitive activities with

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