Legion of Christ College of Humanities

New Brothers Arrive from the Novitiates

“Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go (Mt, 8, 19)

After a training week of formation at the old Immaculate Conception Apostolic School (ICAS) at Center Harbor, New Hampshire, the second-year brothers of the program of Humanities at the Legionaries of Christ Novitiate and College of Humanities in Cheshire, CT, welcome the newly professed brothers. After two years of novitiate, the Legionaries of Christ brothers profess before God and men to live for two years in poverty, chastity, and obedience.

The brothers come from various novitiates around the world, including Brazil, the United States, Colombia, and Mexico. There are 18 brothers excited about starting their first year of Humanities.

These days of vacation in New Hampshire help the brothers to meet each other and know the community through meals, recreation time, board games, and much more.

The brothers who arrived this week are taking an English course while the second-year brothers are studying and reading books in which they are interested.

Br. Luiz Guilherme, a brother from Brazil, shared his first impression “Everyone here is really happy, very friendly, very welcoming,” with a smile on his face, he added, “the weather is hot and humid here,” and he finished “I am really excited to begin this new year.”

Br. Jacob Ringer from the United States shared with us his expectations for humanities “To learn about what it means to be a man, learn about culture, about literature and also be able to deepen in my religious identity, poverty, chastity, obedience, live the universal charity with the brothers and learn what it means to be a Legionary.”

The house is full of joy, hope, charity, and expectations because we have many new brothers in the house, starting a new Brotherhood, Adventure, and Mission with Christ.


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